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Saneya Pandrowala
Saneya Pandrowala
My dad has hearing loss due to age. Dr Namita Desai and the audiologist Mr Soubhagya Patra helped me to pick an 8-channel hearing-aid for my dad. Both were very kind and Mr Patra had come home twice once for testing and once for fitting of hearing aid.
Pinky Soni
Pinky Soni
Had a wonderful experience with Dr Namita. Her services are excellent. Thank you Doctor.
Kruti Shelat
Kruti Shelat
Doctor Namita is amazing. She will patiently listen to your issue and give proper solution for the same. Medicines given are not too heavy and are easily available. Indeed a good experience.
Punit Mehta
Punit Mehta
I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Namita. She doesn't give heavy dose meds unnecessarily. Attacks the root cause instead of symptoms only.
sweta bagaria
sweta bagaria
Very cooperative always listen to d problem .Gud doctor
Gaurang Shah
Gaurang Shah
You are the best and reasonably priced too.
natraj jothi
natraj jothi
I went for my kids ear checkup. And the doctor was very polite and patience while handling my kids ear wax removal. I would definitely recommend this doctor as we felt that our kids are in safe hands.
Yuvika Bothra
Yuvika Bothra
Very kind and treatment is fab ! I totally recommend
Chirag Sheth
Chirag Sheth
Very understanding and skilled doc. I went to 6 docs and wasted almost 2 months before meeting her, she got to the core and treated me well. She will listen to your problems carefully and then she will suggest the treatment. Thanks. 👍

Common ENT problems

Throat Infection

Get treatment from an ENT specialist based on cause and severity. Types include viral, bacterial or fungal, chronic or acute.

Ear Pain

Ear pain is a common condition that can be caused by various factors, including ear infections, injury to the ear, or problems with the jaw joint.

Eardrum Rupture

Eardrum rupture is when the thin membrane that separates the outer and middle ear tears. This can be caused by injury, infection or pressure, and it can result in hearing loss, pain, and discharge.

Sinus Infection

Inflammation of sinuses caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Symptoms include facial pain, pressure, and congestion and can be treated by an ENT.

Smelling Problem

Loss of smell can be caused by viral infections, head injuries, or nasal polyps. An ENT specialist can provide evaluation and treatment.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea can affect quality of life and overall health. Causes include obesity, nasal obstruction, and other factors. Seek medical attention for effective management.

Nasal Polyps

Benign growths in nasal cavity caused by chronic inflammation. Treatment includes steroids, nasal spray or surgery.


Inner ear disorder causing dizziness and nausea. Can be treated with medications, physical therapy or surgery.

Hearing loss

This can be caused by loud noise exposure, aging, infections, or medical conditions. Treatment includes hearing aids, cochlear implants, or surgery.

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