Dr. Namita’s ENT ProCare uses cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and treatments to achieve the best results for all our patients. Dr. Namita is a board-certified ENT doctor with vast experience in diagnosing and treating complex nose-related issues.

The following are a few of the conditions treated at our clinic:

  1. Nasal Blockage: Allergies, sinusitis, or nasal polyps are just a few causes of nasal blockage. Dr. Namita can assess your symptoms and offer a customized treatment plan that might entail medication, nasal sprays, and/or surgery.
  1. Sinusitis: Sinusitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the sinuses and can lead to facial pain, pressure, and/or congestion. Dr. Namita can identify the cause of sinusitis and suggest the best course of action, which may entail antibiotics, nasal decongestants, and/or surgery.
  1. Nosebleeds: Nosebleeds can occasionally occur, but if they are severe or persistent, they may need medical treatment. It is essential to determine the underlying cause of the nosebleed and then choose the best course of action, which may include medication, nasal packing, and/or cauterization.
  1. Deviated septum: A deviated septum develops when the wall dividing the two nasal passages is deviated, which can cause sinus infections and breathing problems. We will evaluate the degree of the deviation and suggest the best course of action, which may include septoplasty surgery.
  1. Allergic sneezing and runny nose: If you have persistent allergic rhinitis or seasonal allergies, we can help control your symptoms with a customized treatment plan. We may recommend antihistamines, nasal sprays, allergy shots, and lifestyle changes to help reduce your exposure to allergens.
  1. Taste and smell disorders: These can be brought on by aging, sinus or nasal infections, or brain trauma, among other factors. We conduct a complete evaluation to identify the underlying reason and suggest the best course of action, which may include medication and/or surgery.

In conclusion, Dr. Namita can resolve any nasal issues, such as nasal blockage, sinusitis, nosebleeds, allergic sneezing, or runny nose. Please make an appointment to get thorough treatment for your ear issues.